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Dune Bashing in Rajasthan

While in the Thar Desert, you should expect the unexpected, hear the unheard, and have to do the undoable! And to experience this at the best, you must participate in dune bashing in Rajasthan!

The mystical dunes in the Thar Desert moves along with the wind; what appears now might disappear in not time! While cruising through these dunes in pulsating 4×4 SUVs, one needs to be very careful as not to get stuck in the loose sands.

Along with high manoeuvring skills, one also need to keep a close eye on the desert winds to stay safe. In extreme cases, drivers can lose track and get mislead by the wind! Though this is one of the newest adventure things to do in Rajasthan, dune bashing is now catching the eyes of the adrenaline seekers who throng the sand dunes of Rajasthan to pump up their adrenalines by dune bashing in Rajasthan.

Best Destinations For Dune Bashing In Rajasthan

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Best Time For Dune Bashing In Rajasthan

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05 Night / 06 Days

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06 Night / 07 Days