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    Jodhpur Tour Packages

    (2 Nights / 3 Days),(3 Nights / 4 Days)



    The citadel of Jodhpur, the Blue City, is protected by the awe-inspiring Mehrangarh Fort. The bastion stands out on a rocky ridge looking down on the city that is awash in blue walls, staying true to its moniker. Jodhpur’s delights begin from the 16th century old city wall that stretches for 10kms. The city’s winding streets are a joy to explore, heavy with the scent of incense sticks and rosewater. Blue-walled shops sell everything from saris to trumpets.

    West of the clock tower lies the heart of the old city with its ancient-looking bazaars. Whether you’re in Jodhpur to check out its architectural wonders or soak in the local culture, no traveller is left unimpressed.

    Being a major tourist city, we’ve curated a couple of itineraries that will introduce Jodhpur in all its glory. All you need to do is land up prepared for a whirlwind of an adventure!

    Elegant Jodhpur

    (03 Days/02 Nights)

    Historical and Tourist Attractions in Jodhpur


    • Visit and explore Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada, Umaid Bhawan Palace and other historically significant structures
    • Experience the Blue City’s vibrant culture and lifestyle
    • Explore the myriad bazaars of Jodhpur famous for everything from shoes to earrings, and other locally crafted knick-knacks


    • Day 01:Arrival in Jodhpur; Half-day city tour
    • Day 02: Full day Jodhpur sightseeing
    • Day 03: Airport/Railway Station drop-off; Tour ends here


    Day 1Arrival in Jodhpur; Half-day city tour

    Our English-speaking tour guide will be at the airport or railway station to pick you up and transport you to your pre-booked hotel. You can take your time to re-energise yourself before getting your first proper glimpse of the Blue City.

    You will spend the evening wandering around the old city where the blue walls will stand amongst the shops selling curios and trinkets. Our guide will ensure you have a pleasant experience in these crowded medieval bazaars and you can shop to your heart’s content.

    Check out the clock tower that is an ancient city landmark and Sadar Market that sells everything from local sweetmeats to handicrafts.

    Our tour guide will drop you off at your hotel where you can have an authentic Rajasthani meal before calling it a night. Make sure you’re well rested because the next day is a whirlwind of a tour.

    Day 2Full day Jodhpur sightseeing

    After a delicious breakfast at your hotel, our tour guide will escort you to Mehrangarh Fort. This colossal bastion is perched on a 125m hill with battlements that reach 36m. Of the fort’s seven entrances, the main gate is known as Jaya Pol. The courtyards and palaces here are exquisite examples of Rajput architecture, and our guide will expertly tell you the history hidden within the walls of Mehrangarh. The museum has a vast collection of elephant howdahs (cushions), silverwork, palanquins and other royal booty.

    1km from this majestic fort lies Jaswant Thada. The marble latticed work on the windows of the royal crematorium and the milky-white cenotaphs are beautifully constructed to honour the kings and queens of old. Next, our guide will take you to Umaid Gardens and Museum. The two are not far apart from each other. The latter contains an elegant collection of clocks, photographs of Umaid Bhawan Palace, handcrafted weapons and an array of other royal objects.

    The day ends with a trip to Mandore Gardens. Mandore was the ancient capital of Marwar (before Jodhpur was established), and is the perfect destination to get a breath of fresh air after all that exploration.

    Post dinner, our guide will drop you back to your hotel where you dreams will be awash in different shades of blue.

    Day 3Airport/Railway Station drop-off; Tour ends here

    After a scrumptious breakfast, our tour executive will help you check out of the hotel and drop you off to the railway station or airport. The Elegant Jodhpur tour comes to an end here.

    Jodhpur Tour with Jaisalmer

    (04 Days/03 Nights)

    Jodhpur – Jaisalmer – Jodhpur


    • Explore the major attractions of Jodhpur from the Mehrangarh Fort to Jaswant Thada to Mandore Gardens
    • Take in the awe-inspiring havelis and Sonar Qila of Jaisalmer
    • Be part of an exciting road trip from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer
    • Discover the two jewels of western Rajasthan, from the Blue City to the Golden City


    • Day 01: Arrival in Jodhpur; Half-day tranquil city exploration
    • Day 02: Explore major Jodhpur attractions; Leave for evening road trip to Jaisalmer
    • Day 03: Full-day city tour of Jaisalmer
    • Day 04: Airport/Railway Station drop-off; Tour ends here


    Day 1Arrival in Jodhpur; Half-day tranquil city exploration

    Look out for our tour guide who will be holding up a placard with your name at the exit of the railway station or airport, depending on your mode of transportation. He will escort you to an air-conditioned vehicle and he will help you check into your pre-booked hotel.

    After light refreshments, our guide will take you to Mandore Gardens situated in Mandore, the former capital of Marwar. Rejuventate yourself in the midst of nature and check out the government museum here.

    Your first glimpse of the streets of Jodhpur awaits you as our tour guide takes you into the heart of the old city. The blue-walled houses only add to the myriad hues shining forth from shops selling all kinds of Rajasthani souvenirs.

    Next on your list is the old clock tower that is surrounded by Sadar Market. The deeper you explore this market; the more magic comes your way. Whether you want to buy handicrafts, jewellery or munch on local delicacies, Sadar Market has it all.

    Our guide can arrange a meal that includes an assortment of succulent Rajasthani dishes, before you are escorted back to your hotel.

    Day 2Explore major Jodhpur attractions; Leave for evening road trip to Jaisalmer

    The two major attractions of Jodhpur, Mehrangarh Fort and Jaswant Thada, are within 1km of each other. The former is a fort of colossal proportions with seven entrance gates and battlements that range from 6m to 36m. Jaya Pol is the main entrance and our guide will take care of your tickets so you can be free to explore the fort at will. Mehrangarh Fort is a living reminder of the aesthetic appeal of Rajput architecture. The museum is a time machine that takes you on a fantastical journey as you explore royal palanquins, paintings, cushions used to sit on elephants and a variety of royal artefacts. Before you know it, you will have spent more than a couple of hours exploring the fort, its palaces, courtyards and museum.

    Jaswant Thada is a collection of marble cenotaphs built to commemorate the great kings and queens of Jodhpur. The carved wooden doors and floral marble motifs on the windows make this a must-visit location. Our guide will ensure you explore the royal crematorium and the cenotaphs whilst filling you in with interesting historical anecdotes of the former royal dynasties.

    The Umaid Gardens and Umaid Bhawan Museum is a fitting end to your exploration of the Blue City.
    If you think this is the end of your western Rajasthan adventure, the real fun starts when you set off on your road trip from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer. Our guide will travel with you as you wind your way through the Thar Desert region towards the Golden City of Jaisalmer. There is nothing more startling than a desert sunset!

    On reaching there, our tour executive will help you check into a pre-booked hotel. Rest those weary legs because the next day is going to be spent exploring the shimmering city of Jaisalmer.

    Day 3Full-day city tour of Jaisalmer

    Your day begins with a delicious breakfast at the hotel before our guide picks you up for a Jaisalmer tour.

    The 12th century Jaisalmer Fort (Sonar Qila) is first on your list. Explore the majestic Raj Mahal, snap photographs of the wall carvings, and just take in the glory of this glimmering sandstone beauty. The architecture of this fort is indescribable and it’s a mental image that will stay with you forever. Visit the cannon points for sprawling views of Jaisalmer city.

    Our guide will take you Salim Singh ki Haveli, built in the 17th century with a roof carved in the shape of a peacock. Next is Patwa ki Haveli that contains 5 palaces, 60 balconies and a museum that displays antique furniture, beautiful mirror work and paintings. Let our guide point out the ornate carvings along the doors and archways.

    Next up is Bada Bagh, 6kms from Jaisalmer city, the royal memorial ground with a number of cenotaphs worth exploring.
    When in Jaisalmer one shouldn’t miss out on a camel safari. Our guide will drive you to Sam Sand Dunes where you will spend time in the midst of the desert, watch the sun dart behind the dunes, and have a meal under the bright desert stars.

    Your rollicking day comes to an end as your guide drops you off at your hotel for some much needed rest.

    Day 4Airport/Railway Station drop-off; Tour ends here

    Depending on your travel preference, our guide will arrange a vehicle to Jaisalmer railway station or Jodhpur railway station or airport. Your western Rajasthan tour comes to an end here.

    Tailor-made Jodhpur Tour

    Interested in the ancient temples, 68kms from Jodhpur, at Osian? Or would you like to explore the step wells and gardens, 74kms from Jodhpur, at Pali? What about visiting Bishnoi villages southeast of Jodhpur?

    If you’re the kind of traveller who doesn’t like to be boxed in, we can help curate a tour designed especially for you. If you’re up for a unique experience and want to explore Jodhpur in a different light, all you need to do is get in touch with us. We will help you figure out a personalized itinerary that suits your pocket and your travel sensibilities.