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Parasailing in Rajasthan

Not every day in your life, you get to fly like a bird and enjoy the aerial views of ground beneath you! An in case, you want to unleash the free-bird in you, plan a Rajasthan tour and get indulged in parasailing in Rajasthan to experience the thrill and adventure of flying high above the ground.

Parasailing in Rajasthan includes the parasailor the get harnessed with an parachute with a safety cable. The other end of the cable is fixed with a vehicle that speeds up and causes a tension in the cable. This makes the parachute to ascend up in the sky taking along with the parasailor.

Once in the air, the parasailor gets to enjoy the aerial views of the impressive desert lands while being afloat in the mid-air. As the vehicle slows down, the parachute also comes down for a safe landing along with the parasailor.

Best Destinations For Parasailing In Rajasthan

Jaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer

Best Time For Parasailing In Rajasthan

Summer and Winter



4 Night / 5 Days

05 Night / 06 Days

05 Night / 06 Days

06 Night / 07 Days

06 Night / 07 Days