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Zip Lining in Rajasthan

Almost every one of us know about the gravitational pull of the earth; but very few knows that the same gravitational pull, at times offer the much required adrenaline boost in us! And if this sounds weird or unbelievable to you, pack your bags and plan for a Rajasthan tour and get indulged in zip lining or flying fox around various corners of the Desert Capital.

One of the most sought after adventure things to do in Rajasthan, zip lining involves a user to get harnessed with a pulley that is suspended or mounted on a steel cable. Both the ends of the steel cable are fixed with a difference in height to create a slope. Once the user is suspended freely from the higher ends of the cable, gravitational force comes into action and slides the user to the lower end of the cable with great speed!

Zip lining in Rajasthan not only satiates the yearnings for extreme fun and thrill, but also offers the participants to witness and enjoy the magnificent beauty of Rajasthan.

Best Destinations For Zip Lining In Rajasthan

Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur and Neemrana Fort in Alwar

Best Time For Zip Lining In Rajasthan

Summer and Winter



4 Night / 5 Days

05 Night / 06 Days

05 Night / 06 Days

06 Night / 07 Days

06 Night / 07 Days