Shopping in Rajasthan

A Rajasthan tour is all about royalty, imperial lifestyle, colourful fiesta, bustling marketplaces, and much more! While visiting this traveller’s paradise in India, you will surely be stunned with its array of offerings!

For those, who are already on their Rajasthan tour or are planning for one, they must know that this Colourful Capital of India is a head-turner for the shopaholics. If you have a shopping spree, Rajasthan is the place that will quench all your yearnings for shopping! Step out of the glittering and over-crowded malls and step into the quaint, bustling, and the flamboyant local markets of Rajasthan; we guarantee, you will never wish to come back!


Be it during the ages of the Rajas and Maharajas or today, Rajasthan has always been a centre of attraction for its delicate and ornamental jewelleries. Whether gold or silver, pure gemstones or other valuable stones, Rajasthan is known for its unique and heart-warming styles of jewelleries. Among all the places here, Jaipur holds a unmatched status foe being one of the best places for jewellery shopping around the globe. With royal and signature styles like ‘Kundan’ and ‘Meenakati’, it attracts shopaholics from almost all the corners of the world. Pratapgarh is also a much coveted destinations for its unique style called ‘Thewa’.


Rajasthan enjoys a global fame! Be it the history, cultures, architecture, or in terms of art and paintings, this Indian state boasts of its worldwide reputation. For the art lovers on a Rajasthan tour, they can revel in the alluring charm and flamboyance of Rajasthan’s miniature paintings. With an array of painting styles from Bundi, Bikaner, Jaipur, Kishangarh, Kota, Marwar, Mewar, and several others, India’s Desert Capital takes the pride of being one of the finest places for miniature paintings on cotton, silk, and ivory. Unique, intricate, captivating, and inspiring, miniature painting shopping in Rajasthan is a must to have experience for the art lovers!


If you happen to be a lover of ancient art and culture, Rajasthan is the place for you! A land of cultural diversities, this magnificent tourist destination in India boasts of its unique scroll-painting called ‘Phads’ and refined paintings of Lord Krishna’s childhood called ‘Pichwais’. The Phads form of painting is done on pieces of clothes; measuring from a few feet to around 30ft, and they depict the heroic tales of Rajasthan. On the other hand, the Pichwais form of art is used to illustrate the life of Lord Krishna when he was a child. Extremely detailed, illustrative, and delicate, both Phads and Pichwais form of art is a treat for the art lovers on their Rajasthan tour.


From the imposing palaces to the historic forts, royal cenotaphs to gardens; wherever you will go, you can embrace the charm and appeal of amazing stone carvings. Owing to the availability of the finest quality of red sandstones, purest form of white marbles, grey soapstone, the alluring Kota greenstones, and others, the stone cutters and carvers of Rajasthan has created a unique and intricate form of stone carving in the entire world. During your Rajasthan tour, you can visit the famed tourist destinations like Ajmer, Barmer, Dungarpur, Jaipur, Kota, and others to shop promising stone carved materials and souvenirs.


Rajasthan, since the beginning of time, has been an epitome of art and craft! Starting from the ages of Raja Maharajas to this contemporary age, Rajasthan’s metal craft has been a centre of attraction among the craft lovers. Though with the passing time, metal crafts in Rajasthan has shifted from crafting weapons, shields, armour, and other similar royal commodities to the creation of jewellery boxes, idols of Gods and Goddesses, photo frames, etc., they still carries the same appeal and allurement among the metal craft lovers!


Though time has changed the way we think, live, and innovate newer things; Rajasthan has endured its roots and cultures by going against the time. In today’s age, where a 3-D printer can produce almost everything we need, the terracotta works of Rajasthan still amuses the visitors. Among the most popular terracotta works, there are the Kagzi pottery of Alwar, painted pottery works of Bikaner, stone works of Jaisalmer, wall plaques of Molela, and the tiny bell works of Pokaran. Visit any of these places, and you can buy terracotta works that ranks among the best in the world.


Originating from Persia and Afghanistan, Blue Pottery was introduced in India by the Mughal rulers as daily-use kitchenware. Adapting this form of craftsmanship from the Mughals, the potters of Rajasthan redefined Blue Pottery in India and took it to a whole new level. In addition to their turquoise blue shade, design works and carvings on them, makes them a must to have kitchenware. If you are yearning to buy Blue Pottery materials, you must make it to Jaipur, Sanganer, Mahalan, and Neota regions in Rajasthan.


Mughal art and culture has a significant contribution in Rajasthani art and culture. This can be well witnessed while shopping for carpets and dhurries in Rajasthan across places like Bikaner, Jaisalmer, and Jodhpur. Weavers from these places are known to be among the best carpet makers in the entire world. Unlike carpets and dhurries from the other corners of the world, Rajasthani weavers are famed for their exquisite patterns, designs, colour combination, and quality.


It is said that if you attend an Indian wedding in any corner of the world, you will surely find the bride or the groom adorned with textiles that were crafted in Rajasthan! Carrying a unique charm and appeal, this part of the country is known for some of the best forms of textiles in the world. Block printing, tie and dye fabrics,lightweight quilts, and leheria quilts are the specialities of Rajasthan. If you happen to visit Rajasthan, do not forget to shop for Rajasthani textiles as they cannot be found in anywhere else in the world!


Be it metal, clay, marbles, or woods; craftsmen from Rajasthan are known for their unique ability to usher life into anything! Experience and witness this unique ability of the local craftsmen while on your Rajasthan tour; also bring home some memories of India’s Desert Capital by buying wooden statues, furniture, toys, chests, and other memorabilia from Rajasthan!



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