Desert National Park

Located near Jaisalmer, the Desert National Park in Rajasthan boasts of being one of the largest national parks in India. Spreading across 3,, this wildlife abode showcases the perfect ecosystem of the great Thar Desert. Unlike other wildlife reserves in Rajasthan, it mainly comprises of sand dunes, salt water reservoirs, craggy rocks, and a scarce of vegetation.

Known for its wide range of avifauna and large fossil collection, one can embark on jeep safaris across the Desert National Park to witness its unique charm and come face-to-face with its dwellers. Indian Bustard, Larks, Tawny Eagles, Sandgrouse, Demoiselle Cranes, Falcons, Partridges, Houbara Bustards, and Bee-Eaters are some of the most commonly found birds in this national park in Rajasthan. Among the other species, visitors can spot Bengal Fox, Monitor Lizard, Blackbuck, Desert Fox, Russell’s Viper, Wolf, Chinkara, Saw-scaled Vipers, and several other rare wildlife species.

How To Reach Desert National Park

1.By Road:

Jaisalmer is the ideal point to embark on a road journey to reach Desert National Park. Visitors can avail state run buses at regular intervals or hire private taxis to reach the park.

2.By Train:

Jaisalmer Railway Station is the nearest railway station to reach Desert National Park; distance is only 42km. From the train station, regular buses or private taxis can take the visitors to the park.

3.By Air:

Jaisalmer Airport; around 45km and managed by Indian Air Force, is the nearest point to reach Desert National Park by air.

Best Time to Visit Desert National Park

Though a year-round destination, November to March is the best time to visit Desert National Park.

Safari Timings in Desert National Park

Safaris are usually conducted between 10:00AM to 05:00PM daily; except on Sundays.