Sariska National Park

Sariska National Park in the Alwar district of Rajasthan is indeed the best place to have an encounter with the majestic Indian Tigers. Nestled amidst the fascinating settings of the Aravalli Ranges, it is known to be one of the most favourable national parks in India for Tiger population!

A natural abode to a wide range of wildlife in Rajasthan, Sariska National Park boasts of a large number of Tigers, Wild Boars, Leopards, Nilgai, Wild Dogs, Hyena, Jungle Cats, and several other exotic predators. For the birdwatchers, they can also satiate all their yearnings as the park has several rare species of birds; Great Indian Horned Owl, Grey Partridge, Crested Serpent Eagle, Tree Pie, Peafowl, Golden Beaked Woodpecker, and Bush Quail are some of the commonly found birds in Sariska National Park.

The park also has an abundance of floral species, and is also dotted with several tourist attraction sites. Sariska Palace, Neelkanth Temple, Kankawadi Fort, Pandupol, and Tal Briksh are some of the sought after attractions in Sariska National Park.

How To Reach Sariska National Park

1.By Road:

Owing to its location on the Delhi-Jaipur Highway, visitors can reach Sariska National Park easily from Jaipur, Delhi, Alwar, and major parts of Rajasthan.

2.By Train:

Alwar Railway Station is the nearest point to reach Sariska National Park by train. In addition to direct railway communication with Delhi, the station also offers passage to several other trains from some of the major Indian cities.

3.By Air:

Located around 130km from the wildlife reserves, Jaipur Airport is the nearest airport to reach Sariska National Park. Jaipur, the Pink city has a good connectivity with most of the corners across the country.

Best Time to Visit Sariska National Park

Sariska National Park in Rajasthan is a year-round destination. However, October to March is touted as the best time to visit this wildlife abode as the mercury level remains much lower and the possibilities wildlife spotting is maximum during this period.

Safari Timings in Sariska National Park

1.Summer: 06:00 – 10:00AM | 02:30 – 06:30PM

2.Winter: 06:30 – 10:30AM | 02:00 – 06:00PM