Banswara – Bamboo Country or the City of Hundred Islands

Banswara or the ‘Bamboo Country’ in the desert capital of India, is one of the quaint, yet scenic places to visit in Rajasthn. Believed to be named after its Bhil ruler Bansia, this city is fondly referred as the ‘City of Hundred Islands’ as it has abundance of islets within the limits of Mahi River.

A true gem in the history of Rajasthan, Banswara was ruled by several rulers. Among them, Jagmal Singh, who defeated and killed Banswara’s ruler Bansia, and the British are the most noteworthy. After the downfall of its original ruler and his rule, the city witnessed several atrocities.

With the rise of the British cruelty in Banswara, the local tribal led by Govind Guru started opposing the government, and this resulted in an outrage between the two communities. While Govind Guru accepted the peaceful ways of protesting, the fury of British government reached the peak. Later in the year 1913, the British soldiers opened fire at the peace protesters who gathered on a hillock in Mangarh Hill; thus, Banswara is also called the ‘Jalianwala Bagh’ of Rajasthan.

Though history reveals many untold and unheard stories about the City of Hundred Islands, it has now become a major tourist destination in Rajasthan. Visit this city if you yearn to discover, witness and explore the scenic beauty of Mother Nature while walking down the rustic lanes steeped with history in galore!

How To Reach Banswara

1.By Road:

If planning to reach Banswara by road, visitors can avail regular buses from across a number of major cities and tourist destinations in Rajasthan. Cities and places like Pune, Mumbai, Indore, Udaipur, Jodhpur, and others have regular bus services to reach Banswara. Private taxis and cabs are also available to reach this scenic city in Rajasthan tourism map.

2.By Train:

Ratlam Railway Station; located around 80km from Banswara, is the nearest railway station to reach Banswara. Visitors from Delhi, Mumbai, and other major cities can reach this railway station, and hire private cabs or avail buses to reach Banswara.

3.By Air:

Udaipur Airport is the nearest airport to Banswara; distance being only 160km. The airport is well accessible from major cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bhopal, and others. Visitors can also reach the Indore Airport; distance is around 182km, if planning to reach Banswara by air.

When To Visit Banswara

Owing to the rise in the mercury level, summers (March to June) cannot be called as the ideal time to visit Banswara. Come winter (November to February), visitors can expect pleasant changes in the atmosphere and also make the most of Rajasthan tourism while touring around Banswara. Monsoon (July to September) is also a good time to visit Banswara.

Stay Options In Banswara

Visitors might not find enough of ultra-luxury hotels in Banswara, but they can surely enjoy checking-in into a number of economy and budget hotels in Banswara. If visiting during the peak tourism seasons, visitors should make advance bookings to enjoy a pleasant stay in Banswara.