Adorned by the rustic charm of the great Thar Desert, Rajasthan or the ‘Land of Kings’ is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous tourist destinations in the country! A melting point of colourful cultures and traditions, a canvas painted with all the royal shades and tales this state in the north-western part of the country wears many hats!

Dotted with imperial palaces, impressive forts, magnificent havelis, enchanting lakes, romantic destinations, and much more, Rajasthan can be called as the ‘Mecca’ among all the popular tourist destinations in India! Fondly called the ‘Desert Capital of India’ or the ‘Cultural Capital of India’, it is one such destination that needs to be explored and not just travelled. And for those, who are already enchanted by the royal grandeurs and appeal of Rajasthan or are planning for a Rajasthan tour, here are some of the most popular tourist destinations in Rajasthan that must not be misses at any cost.

Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Rajasthan