Dungarpur – The Land of History, Culture and Sanctity

Dungarpur, the once a capital of the Dungarpur princely state, is a true gem in the history of Rajasthan! Standing graciously on the Aravalli Ranges and steeped with history, this magnificent city was founded by Rawal Veer Singh Dev in 1282 AD.

Initially known as ‘DungatnaGharan’, the city was later renamed as ‘Dungarpur’ in 1358 by its ruler RawalDungrsinah. Abundance of natural beauty, historical marvels, diverse culture and traditions make Dungarpur a must visit tourist place in Rajasthan.

Legends have it that Dungarpur once belonged to a mighty Bhil chieftain known as Dungariya. Rawal Veer Singh conquered the region after the Bhil ruler got killed and founded the present day city. However, after the assassination of the Bhil ruler, Rawal Singh promised Dungaruya’s widows to honour the deceased by erecting towers and monuments. Rawal Singh also promised to name the city after the deceased and thus it got its name Dungarpur.

Also ruled by Mughal and British, Dungarpur has endured its history in the best form, and today it serves as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Rajasthan. Visitors here, can treat themselves with an array of attractions like historical monuments, glorious tales from past, enchanting lakes, archaeological museums, religious sites, and much more.

How To Reach Dungarpur

1.By Road:

Buses prove to be the best way if you are planning to reach Dungarpur by road. Visitors can avail regular buses to Dungarpur from most of the popular tourist destinations in Rajasthan. Other means like vehicles on hire can also be availed to reach Dungarpur.

2.By Train:

Dungarpur (DNRP) and Kundalgarh (KDLG) are the nearest railway stations to Dungarpur. Both these stations can be easily reached by regular trains from major Indian cities.

3.By Air:

Udaipur’s Dabok Airport serves as the nearest airport to reach Dungarpur. Upon arrival at the airport, visitors can opt for a road journey to reach Dungarpur.

When To Visit Dungarpur

Owing to the hot and arid climatic conditions, summer is definitely not advisable for a trip to Dungarpur. For those who are planning to book Rajasthan tours and visit Dungarpur, they must plan their visit during the winter or the monsoons as the temperature remains low and atmosphere remains pleasant throughout the seasons.

Stay Options In Dungarpur

Like any other tourist destinations in Rajasthan, Dungarpur is also decked with an ample of hotels and other stay options. Visitors can easily pick their options according to their requirement and budget.