Jhalawar – A Royal Hunting Ground of the Past

A vibrant and extremely colourful city in the state of Rajasthan, Jhalawar is one of the least explored destinations in the Desert Capital of India! Located in the south-eastern corner of the state, this scenic city was initially known as ‘Brijnagar’, and was later renamed as Jhalawar after its founder Rajput Jhala Zalim Singh.

Owing to the lush and verdant settings of Jhalawar, the city was once a favourite hunting ground of the royal families. Jhala Zalim Singh, who was the then Dewan of Kota, usually thronged Brijnagar for hunting quest. The Dewan got so much fascinated by the irresistible charm and magnificence of the city that he later developed it into a township that later became the capital of princely state of Jhalawar.

An ideal holiday destination for almost all the classes of travellers, Jhalawar also boasts of its historical landmarks; glorious forts, stunning palaces and others. If you are planning for a Rajasthan tour, make sure you visit Jhalawar and explore its quaint lanes and have a tryst with the charms of a bygone era!

How To Reach Jhalawar

1.By Road:

Jhalawar is well-connected to most of the major cities in Rajasthan; visitors can either avail regular bus service or hire private taxis or cabs to reach Jhalawar. Also, being located on the National Highway 12, visitors can reach Jhalawar from other major cities in India.

2.By Train:

Jhalawar Road (JHW) serves as the nearest railway station to Jhalawar; only 2km away from the city centre. The station also serves as a passage to trains from several major cities in the country.

3.By Air:

Jhalawar do not have its own airport. Bhopal Airport in Madhya Pradesh serves as the nearest airport to this historic city. Jaipur Airport; at a distance of 345km, is the second nearest airport to reach Jhalawar.

Best Time To Visit Jhalawar

Jhalawar experiences harsh and arid summers. Visitors planning their Rajasthan tour during the summers, must avoid a visit to this city. Rather, they can book Rajasthan tour packages during the winters; the months of October to February, and visit Jhalawar. Temperature remains pleasant throughout the day and get chilly by evening. Carrying enough of warm clothes is recommended if your Rajasthan tour takes you to Jhalawar during the winters.

Stay Options In Jhalawar

Jhalawar has a plenitude of hotels and tourist lodges. Visitors can also opt for Governmental Guesthouses.