Pushkar – The Holy Land Where Royalty Blends with Devotion

Brimmed with the charms of a royal era and filled with the utmost devotion of pious devotees from across the world, Pushkar is a much coveted destination among the visitors to Rajasthan! One of the holiest places to visit in Rajasthan, this scenic town holds a major place in Rajasthan tourism map and is thronged by travel mongers from almost all the corners of the world.

In addition to the royal essence and charm, Pushkar also boasts of being one of the oldest existing Indian cities and a sacred dhams (holy pilgrimage sites) for the Hindus. Legends have it that after the unfortunate demise of Sati, wife of Lord Shiva, the Lord’s tear drops created a holy pond in Pushkar. Owing to this, this part of Rajasthan is also known as ‘Tirth Raj’.

Also, while in Pushkar, visitors can witness and explore one of the very few Lord Brahma temples in the world; there are only a handful of such temples in the world. Come November, visitors on their Rajasthan tour across this holy abode can also enjoy and participate in the world’s largest camel fair called the ‘Pushkar Ka Mela‘, a traditional Camel Fair that is celebrated for five consecutive days.

How To Reach Pushkar

1.By Road:

Though Pushkar is well-connected with major cities in the country, road journeys are not advisable due to the long travel distance. However, visitors can board regular buses from Delhi, Ajmer, Jaipur and other major tourist destinations in Rajasthan to reach Pushkar.

2.By Train:

In order to reach Pushkar by train, visitors must board a train to the city of Ajmer as it is the nearest railway station to Pushkar. Ajmer is extremely well-connected with major Indian cities – Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Allahabad, Jaipur, and other. Visitors can also board the popular Ajmer-Shatabdi Express, Ajmer-Rajdhani Express, Aravalli Express, Chetak Express, and BSB Express to reach Ajmer city and then take regular buses or hire private taxis to reach Pushkar.

3.By Air:

Jaipur Airport; at a distance of 140km from Pushkar, serves as the nearest airport to reach the holy lands of Pushkar. Visitors from almost all the major Indian cities can take flights to reach Jaipur, and continue to Pushkar by availing regular buses or by hiring private taxis to reach Pushkar.

Best Time To Visit Pushkar

Winter or November to February is the best time to visit Pushkar. During this time, this holy land experiences a low mercury level accompanies by a pleasant ambience for tourist activities. This is also the season when visitors on their Rajasthan tours visit Pushkar and participate in various fun-frolic activities while enjoying the grand Pushkar Fair that is usually held in November.

Summer (March to June) and monsoon (July to October) should be avoided as they are not the best time to visit Pushkar.

Stay Options In Jaisalmer

Pushkar has abundance of stay options; visitors can select stay options according to their budget and requirements. Government guesthouses and tourist lodges are also available in this holy tourist destination in Rajasthan.