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Rajasthan, a cult in India’s tourism map, is among the much desired and most colourful destinations in the entire world. A land of utmost royalty, exquisite history and fascinating tales, this part of India is also a melting point of traditions and cultures! And being culturally one of the richest places to visit in the country, Rajasthan is also a home to numerous fairs and festivals.

From the beginning to the end of the year, this Desert Capital of India hosts an array of prismatic fairs and gala festivals. While some of these festivals in Rajasthan highlights the royal past of the state, some are dedicated to Gods and Goddesses. Be it the advent of the various seasons or to honour the valorous heroes, Rajasthan celebrates all the events with high spirit and enthusiasm, and turns into a riot of colours!

Most Popular Fairs and Festivals in Rajasthan

Desert Festival

Pushkar Fair

Nagaur Fair

Kite Festival

Marwar Festival

Camel Festival

Urs Festival

Gangaur Festival

Teej Festival

Mewar Festival

Elephant Festival

Summer Festival