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Camel Festival

If you want to witness the bond between the golden sands of Thar Desert and camels or the ‘Ship of the Desert’, you must visit a quaint hamlet called Ladera in Bikaner. Every year, during the month of January, this pictorial village hosts a two days’ festival called the Camel Festival of Bikaner, and attracts a large number of locals and visitors as well!

A lively festival organised by Bikaner Tourism, Camel Festival in Rajasthan is truly a festival of art and culture. During the two days of this splendid festival, camel owners from across Rajasthan throngs Bikaner and flaunts their camel breed with extreme pride and passion. Beginning with a magnetic procession of decorated camels from the premises of Junagarh Fort, this festival offers several exciting and traditional events; most of which are related to the Ship of the Desert!

To uplift the spirit of this grand festival in Rajasthan, the Tourism Department also organises competitions like best breed competition, tug-of-war, came dance competitions, acrobatics on camel back, display of camel footwork, camel decoration competitions, and several others. With the advent of the evening, the ambience gets more alluring with folk performances by local artists.

  • Celebrated Across: Ladera, Bikaner
  • Celebration Month: January
  • Last Celebrated On: 09th to 10th January, 2016
  • Next Celebration On: 14th to 15th January, 2017
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