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Best Time to Visit RajasthanBest Time to Visit Rajasthan

Rajasthan is undoubtedly one of the most coveted and visitor-friendly tourist destinations in India! The gift of the great Thar Desert, this enchanting tourist destination entices visitors from almost all the corners of the world.

Well, though a tour to Rajasthan can be a dream come true experience for most, visitors should pick up their travel dates carefully! Owing the dry and arid conditions of the Thar Desert, Rajasthan is surely not a year-round destination. Well, even though this portion of India does not qualify in this league, you can always plan for a Rajasthan tour depending on the season. Here is a breakdown of climatic conditions of Rajasthan:

Best Time to Visit

  1. Winter (October to March) in Rajasthan – Best Time to Visit Rajasthan:

The advent of winter in Rajasthan is marked by a significant drop in the mercury level! From extreme, temperature comes down to a bearable limit during the day, and also gets down further during the nights. With this drop in the temperature level, the atmosphere gets clam and much clearer that the other seasons.

During this time, visitors can enjoy an ample of activities – sightseeing, desert safaris, wildlife tour, cultural tours, village tours, motorcycle tours, and adventure activities in Rajasthan. Considering all these, winter can be called as the time to visit Rajasthan!


  1. Monsoon (July to September) in Rajasthan – GoodTime to Visit Rajasthan:

Monsoon brings in a magical change in the ambience! With the touches of the monsoon rains, the entire of Rajasthan starts changing its colours and turns into an oasis of colours.

As the state starts receiving the monsoon showers, temperature starts falling considerably and the ambience gets cooler than the summers. If not winter, planning a Rajasthan tour during the monsoons can be an ideal way to discover the imperial charm of this Desert Capital.


  1. Summer (April to June) in Rajasthan –Unfavourable Time to Visit Rajasthan:

While most of Rajasthan is braced by the great That Desert, summer in Rajasthan can get extreme for the visitors. It is during this part of the year, the entire of this state experiences the highest rise in its mercury level!

With the steep rise in the temperature; with day temperature rising up to 48 degrees, visitors might feel it extremely tough to sustain such climatic changes. However, with the advent of the summers, Rajasthan tourism experiences a huge flow of tourists heading towards Mount Abu or the only hill station in Rajasthan. Ranakpur and Kumbhalgarh also experience a rush due to their pleasant climate.

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