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Places to Visit in Jaisalmer

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11 Places to Visit in Jaisalmer— The Golden City Attractions of 2019 Travellers are left spellbound when they get their first view of Jaisalmer, and rightfully so. A fantastical sand castle, multi-turreted, sits on a three-peaked hill like a shimmering mirage. A panoramic view of the Golden City makes it seem as [...]

Places to Visit in Pushkar

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10 Places to Visit in Pushkar— Explore the Town of Festivities in 2019 A stone’s throw away from Ajmer lies the ‘blue lotus’, or as thousands of pilgrims and travellers know it, Pushkar. The town has grown around a sacred lake and is home to 400 temples and over 50 ghats, making [...]

Places to Visit in Chittorgarh

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10 Places to Visit in Chittorgarh— The Fort City Beckons History Lovers in 2019! Chittorgarh’s (Chittor) crowning glory is the gargantuan fort that looms over this southern Rajasthan state. Chittor goes down in Rajasthani folklore for its Rajput kings of old who exhibited massive levels of valour and courage while defending the [...]

Places to Visit in Ranthambore

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8 Places to Visit in Ranthambore National Park— Up Close With A Tiger And Other Wild Animals Amidst Nature in 2019! The Ranthambore National Park is where you should land up if you want to spot the king of the jungle. The park covers 1334 of thick jungle, winding dirt roads, [...]

Culture of Rajasthan

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The Colourful Cultures of Rajasthan A land where royalty is the way of living. A land where colours represent emptions. A land where celebrations know no boundaries and usher festivity among everyone. And a land that has endured its diverse range of cultures in the most benevolent ways. Welcome to Rajasthan, the [...]

History of Rajasthan

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History of Rajasthan – Unravelling the Golden Past of Rajasthan Rajasthan or the ‘Land of Kings’ is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to visit in the entire world. A land steeped with rich history, a land dotted with remarkable palaces, fortifying forts, and timeless tales, this perennial land has evolved [...]

Places To Visit In Alwar

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13 Places to Visit in Alwar—Explore the Grandiose City of Rajputs in 2019! The City Palace and the museum are remarkable structures that elevate rambling, dusty Alwar to a worthy tourist destination. Alwar is one of the oldest Rajasthani kingdoms, its roots going as far back as 1500 B.C. It rose to [...]

The Kite Craze of Jaipur

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The Kite Craze of Jaipur The Pink City takes a break on the 14th of January to celebrate Makar Sankranti (Kite Festival). If you’re visiting Jaipur around the time, all you need to do is look up and spot thousands of diamond-shaped kites whizzing about the clear January sky. The day is [...]

Places to Visit in Rajasthan

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14 Places To Visit in Rajasthan— Uncover the Land of the Kings in 2019! The beauty of Rajasthan is a mixture of rich heritage and languid modernity. As you explore towering forts, fairy-tale palaces and sweeping bazaars, you realize that Rajasthan holds its history close to its heart. A magical destination that [...]

Places To Visit In Jaipur

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22 Places to Visit in Jaipur— Let the Pink City Mesmerize You In2019! The traveller visiting Jaipur for the first time will instantly notice the juxtaposition of old and new- lanky camels walk the same roads as luxury buses, swanky malls stand side by side with age-old bazaars. The Pink City has all [...]