Best Time to Visit Alwar

If one had to choose the most popular destination in eastern Rajasthan, Jaipur would win hands down. The city’s place in history and tourist attractions make it one of the most-visited holiday cities for Indians and foreigners. However, eastern Rajasthan also includes Alwar. A dusty, yet charming, city that offers travellers a different side of eastern Rajasthan.

Alwar is all about basking in peace and quietude. No jostling with over-eager tourists here. The Alwar Palace is well-maintained; and the museum has a number of rare artefacts hidden away from most tourists who give Alwar a miss.

Mythologically, Alwar was an important part of Matsya territories of Viratnagar. It’s history can be traced back to 1500 B.C. In the 18th century, Maharaja Pratap Singh preserved Alwar against attacks from the Marathas. Rulers of Jaipur and Bharatpur also tried to invade Alwar, with little success. Alwar formed early ties with the British but that relationship was always rocky because of the latter’s interference in internal matters.

The best time to visit Alwar is during the winter months. The summers bring blistering heat waves. Ajmer and Jaipur are eastern Rajasthan destinations that people flock to, but you should go against the grain and visit Alwar. Shopping for kaleidoscopic handicrafts at the street bazaars is a great experience. Don’t forget to have you fill of creamy kalakand (milk cake), a popular local delicacy.

1Winter in Alwar (October to March)

The winter temperature (5°C – 11°C) in Alwar transforms the weather and draws travellers here. November to March are the best months to sign up for a wildlife safari at Sariska National Park. The park is home to eight tigresses, four tigers and two cubs (as of August, 2018). The jungle safari here is less crowded and you will spot a host of animals and birds.

A February visit will draw you into the Alwar Festival. this two-day festival aims to promote the arts and culture of the region. Stay tuned for folk performances that will light up your evening and make your trip all the more memorable.

Take it from us, the best time to visit Alwar is between November and February. The weather calls for outdoor activities and you can send your days exploring this usually-ignored Rajasthani city.

2Monsoon in Alwar (July to September)

While the temperature during the rainy months is quite bearable (17°C – 24°C), the humidity makes travelling a pain in the neck. Yes, the Sariska National Park is open to visitors and nature lovers will enjoy basking in the lush greenery. But the humidity will be a killjoy. Since this is the tourist off-season, you will most likely find great accommodation deals.

3Summer in Alwar (April to June)

The peak summer daytime temperature sometimes reaches a delirious 45°C! Exploring the city on foot is simply out of the question. Like most of Rajasthan, the best time to visit Alwar is NOT during the summer season.

Plan your Alwar trip to coincide with the winter season and enjoy a Rajasthan holiday unique in itself!